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A planned community that is actually located in both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Westlake Village is fairly small, creating a quiet, neighborhood feel to the town. Designed around a lake, this mainly residential town is picturesque for those who live within its borders. As far as industry, it’s important to note that Westlake Village is the home of the Dole Fruit Company Headquarters. Despite its smaller size, Westlake Village does offer a commercial and business district. If you need professional services like that of an attorney, a banker, a doctor, or anyone else, you will find them. You can even choose specialized services if you need a Westlake Village personal injury attorney.

Because of its location, Westlake Village is close to a variety of different museums where you and your children will learn about history and culture. Some of the nearby museums include: the President Reagan Presidential Museum and Official Repository, the Thousand Oaks Chumash Interpretive Center, and the Discovery Center for Science and Technology.

There are two public 18 hole golf courses located in Westlake Village so that you can enjoy the links out in the beautiful SoCal sun. There is also a private golf course located in town. During the summer, you can enjoy a picnic in the park as well as an outdoor movie when the Four Seasons Hotel Hosts outdoor screenings every weekend.

There are many cases of personal injury that never get resolved because people don’t realize they need a Westlake Village personal injury attorney. If someone is negligent with their property, and this leads to your injury, then you do have a case. It’s important to get in contact as soon as possible so that we can start working for you right away. We will be prepared to handle your personal injury case with experience and skill.

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