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A very small suburb of Los Angeles, Sierra Madre is a rural town located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Because it is situated on the edge of Angeles National Forest, this city offers a variety of outdoor activities. You will easily be able to enjoy hiking, nature walks, mountain biking, and horseback riding as well. An All American City in 2007, Sierra Madre is a safe place to live and raise a family if you want to remain close to Los Angeles. Many people worry that finding professional services will be difficult in a small town, but that’s not the case when you need a Sierra Madre personal injury attorney. The right lawyer is waiting for you, just a phone call away.

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You could spend the day walking downtown Sierra Madre where you can enjoy shops that sell everything from antiques to homemade jelly. Many of the local shops carry products made from the local citrus groves. If you enjoy festivals, then you may wish to check out the Independence Day Parade and Festivities as well as the Wistaria Vine Festival each year.

If you have visitors coming to stay, you may wish to put them up at the Jailhouse Inn. Located in the old city hall, this inn includes just one suite actually situated in the old jail cell. The Jailhouse Inn provides a unique B&B experience that your friends and family will not forget.

If you have been a victim of an accident and it occurred because someone was negligent, you have a personal injury case. You don’t need to try for compensation on your own because California personal injury law can be confusing. Instead, you need to get in contact with a Sierra Madre personal injury lawyer who will work for your rights. Call us today and we will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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