Sexual Assault & Molestation

sexual assault and molestation

It is important to know that victims of sexual abuse, both child and adult victims, have the right to bring a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator of the abuse. Under California Law, sexual abuse can take may forms, but is generally be broken down into two types of cases: childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault and battery. The primary distinction between the two is the age of the victim. In addition to providing for criminal prosecution, California Law provides a civil cause of action that enables sexual abuse victims to recover from their financial loss. Since the burden of proof is lower in civil cases, a civil lawsuit can sometimes enable a victim to find justice even where there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal case.

Sexual abuse is often extremely traumatic for victims and their families and can have a devastating impact on a victim’s well-being. We understand that financial compensation cannot undo the damage that was done by a sexual assault. However, our Los Angeles Injury Attorneys believe that a successful civil lawsuit can be an important step in the healing process for many victims.

In California, the statute of limitations on civil claims for sexual assault requires that the civil lawsuit be brought within eight years of the date plaintiff reaches the age of majority or within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the plaintiff reaches the age of majority has occurred. The statute runs at the later of these two time frames. However, determining whether a statute of limitations has expired can be a complex inquiry and it is important to speak with an attorney if you believe that you have been the victim of sexual assault.

Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Our Los Angeles Sexual Assault Attorneys understand that no amount of financial compensation can undo the emotional pain and trauma caused by sexual assault, but we believe that civil lawsuits can help victims and their families find justice. Civil lawsuits can also serve as a means to hold perpetrators accountable and can help victims recover for their economic losses, such as the cost of medical care and therapy.

If you or a family member is the victim of sexual assault, our Los Angeles Sexual Assault Law Firm invites you to meet with one of our experienced attorneys for a confidential in-person case evaluation. All consultations are completely confidential and offered free of charge.

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During the consultation, you will meet with one of our experienced Los Angeles Sexual Assault Attorney who will provide you with a free case evaluation and will help you to understand your rights. If necessary, we can also assist you locating the correct authorities to file a criminal complaint. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us at 213-799-0002.