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Located in an area outside of Los Angeles, San Gabriel began with humble roots. Before this suburb was a town, it was a mission called the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. Founded in 1852, San Gabriel soon grew to a full sized suburb. Now a moderate sized city, San Gabriel offers a full selection of business services.

In the commercial area of the city you will easily be able to find a San Gabriel personal injury lawyer, any type of attorney, and other professional services. Additionally, you will find a selection of shopping areas and dining options. If you are looking for more shopping options, however, a short drive will take you to the metro area of Los Angeles.

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If you have children, you will find plenty of local, family-friendly things to do. Amys Playground offers an air-conditioned playground that provides exercise options for children as well. The Magical Playground is another indoor adventure for children.

If you like spending time in the great outdoors, then Eaton Canyon is about four miles away. In this almost 200 acre park, you will be able to enjoy hiking and walking trails, bike paths, and horseback riding. You will also get to enjoy the natural countryside with plenty of flora and fauna.

When you face injury because someone else was negligent, then you need to contact a San Gabriel personal injury attorney. The personal injury law in California can be confusing, but an experienced lawyer will be able to work for you. Your injuries, medical bills, and lost work definitely deserve compensation from the responsible party. If you call us as soon as you can after you were injured in this type of situation, we will get started working for you right away. We will look after your best interests through the whole process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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