Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me. With a few rare exceptions, any information that you may disclose with an attorney during a consultation is regarded as confidential under the attorney client relationship. Because of this anything that we may discuss will not be disclosed unless it is necessary for your representation in court. It is imperative that a client is always honest when they speak with their attorney in order to get the best result possible legally. I specialize in being able to explain to clients what transgressions may have occurred. The client has to be completely honest with me so I can be as clear as possible when explaining the details of the case in point. I am not here to judge you on the information you disclose. If you choose me as your attorney I will rigorously take on your case and nothing you tell me will affect my enthusiasm for your case. Obviously I will never sell any information that I have regarding a client. Information gained will only ever be used for client representation and achieving the best legal result we can. If you wish, information that we have on our database with regards to you and your case, can be deleted at your request. You will never have to worry about leaked data.