Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accident

Los Angeles Motorcycle accidents constitute a significant percentage of personal injury lawsuits. A disproportionate number of motorcycle riders are involved in accidents compared to people driving cars or trucks. Not only are motorcycles more likely to be involved in collisions than other types of vehicles, but the injuries are generally more severe. Without the protection of seatbelts as Truck or car drivers have, motorcycle riders are far more likely to be thrown from their vehicle and hit the ground violently. This can result in broken bones, road rash, head injuries, damage to muscles and tendons, brain damage, permanent disability and even death.

Victims of motorcycle accident may be entitled to recover for their injuries and loss, including medical costs, pain and suffering and lost wages. Victims’ families may also be entitled to compensation for “loss of consortium” claims. Even if you believe that you are partially at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to recover for your losses. If you have been in an automobile or motorcycle accident it is important to speak with an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Hiring an attorney early on will enable your attorney to begin gathering the evidence and information necessary to effectively settle your case.

Experienced Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Our Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers understand the challenges faced by those who ride motorcycles in California. Motorcycles are smaller and harder for other drivers to see, which is compounded by the heavy traffic, congestion and road construction in Los Angeles. Those who ride motorcycles are also sometimes unfairly stereotyped as reckless drivers. The attorneys at our Los Angeles Personal Injury firm recognize that motorcycles are a fuel-efficient and fun way to travel and are committed to protecting the rights of motorcyclists. Our experienced Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident attorneys work aggressively to protect the rights of motorcyclists and to ensure that our roads are safe for everyone.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident or bicycle/bike accident, contact our Los Angeles Law Firm regarding your rights as soon as possible. There is no fee for an evaluation of your case. Our Los Angeles motorcycle injury lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis, getting a percentage of your recovery only if a settlement or verdict is achieved in your favor.

Speak with an Attorney Before speaking with the Insurance Company

Do not make the mistake of solely relying on the insurance companies to compensate your loss. Even if the insurance company seems sympathetic to your interest, their focus is to pay as little as possible on claims. The insurance company is likely to contact you very soon after the automobile or motorcycle accident in an effort to settle the claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Before you provide them with any information or give them any recorded statements it is important to speak with an attorney to discuss your legal rights. Statements that you give to the insurance company can be used against you. You need someone on your side.

Our Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are On Your Side. We are committed to getting fair compensation for victims of motorcycle injuries in California. If you have been injured or lost a family member in a motorcycle or auto accident caused by another person’s negligence, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your case. We offer Free Consultations during which we will evaluate your claim and provide you with the chance to ask questions. If you have been in a Motorcycle Accident, contact our Los Angeles Motorcycle Injury Firm to learn about your rights before speaking with the insurance company.

Paying for Medical Costs after a Motorcycle collision

Victims of motorcycle or automobile collisions are often faced with expensive medical bills for their injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, and your insurance company is not paying for your medical treatment, one alternative is to locate a provider who will treat you in exchange for a medical lien on your case. A medical lien enables a physician to be compensated for his medical services out of the money that you recover from the party who caused the accident.

Our Los Angeles Motorcycle Injury attorneys are able to make referrals to top notch doctors and physical therapists who will work on a lien without requiring upfront payment, in appropriate cases. Once you a verdict or settlement is reached in your case, the medical provider will be compensated from those funds. If you have been injured in a motorcycle or automobile collision, contact our Our injury lawyer to learn how you may be able to recover for your medical expenses and other losses.