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Located on the eastern side of Los Angeles, Montebello sits in the shadows of the San Gabriel Mountains. This moderate sized town is called one of the “Gateway Cities” of southern California. That’s because it, along with two other towns, allows easy access to Los Angeles, the beaches, and all other SoCal areas.

Montebello is best known as an industrial town with high amounts of oil reserves. However, it also has a professional district if you need to find a lawyer, a doctor, or even an accountant. If you need a Montebello personal injury attorney, then you don’t have to drive into the metro city.

Because of its central location, Montebello makes it easy for you to enjoy a variety of different activities. Of course, you could drive into the metro LA area for shopping, dining, shows, and nightlife. You can also easily reach the beach to enjoy sunbathing, surfing, beach volleyball, and more. Some of the activities available near your home include the Lomita Railroad Museum, the Silly Goose Playground, and the Mulligan Torrance Family Fun Center. With a short drive, you can reach Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland if you wish to enjoy exhilarating rides and adventure.

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If you like the links, then you may enjoy a visit to the Montebello Golf Course. This course was originally a private country club but became a municipal course in the 1940s. You can enjoy 18 holes in an exciting day of golf.

Montebello may seem a quiet town, but that doesn’t mean you will never be in an accident. If you have been injured and you feel someone else was neglectful, then you need to contact a Montebello personal injury attorney. You could have a case, and you should hold accountable the person who caused your accident. A Montebello personal injury lawyer can help represent your rights in court.

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