How much do you charge for your legal services?

Excluding the filing and court expenses, our company does not charge our customers anything unless we win the case. We charge our customers a contingency fee. They will only pay our attorney if their case wins in court.

Note you still have to pay for the filing and court expenses, but your attorney will not earn any profits unless he wins the case. If he wins you will pay him a fixed percentage of the compensation you receive.

In certain cases such as the divorce cases, contingency fees are prohibited by the court. Similarly some courts capped the percentage of payout that can be received by advocates. Nevertheless Contingency fees are a great way to charge customers as payment like this gives attorneys an incentive to deliver their best, and it also makes it possible for all classes of people sue for personal injury despite their financial position.

There are no set rules to exactly what will be the payout percentage charged by the attorney it can vary from 20% to 50% depending upon a number of factors including jurisdiction, the difficulty of the case, the amount of money and labor required, the time limitations and the circumstances surrounding the case, the client attorney relationship, and the reputation of the attorney.

According to the California Rules of Professional Conduct, A lawyer in California cannot charge an unreasonable fee for his services.