How long does it take for the settlement of a personal injury case?

While the exact duration for the settlement of a personal injury law suit is difficult to predict without knowing the facts and details of a case, generally it can take up to months and years before the case is settled.

Many of the Personal Injury law suits are settled during the pre-trial period but it all depends upon the legal and factual complexities relative to the case. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in cases involving severe injuries. You can consult our advocates for a reliable estimate regarding the settlement of your suit, and other legal help regarding your case.

The hearing of the case in the civil court in the presence of the jury generally takes about 3 to ten days. However, preparing a case to present before the jury in court is a lengthy process and it can take months. Roughly it can take up to one year or more from the date you file the case to the date you receive your verdict.