Compensation for Pain, Suffering, and Inconvenience in Dog Bite Case

Compensation for Pain, Suffering, and Inconvenience in Dog Bite Case

Insurance plans are there to support a person who is in a very difficult situation because he/she is ill or suffering from a dog bite injury.   When a person is in an accident, he or she has the right to file for a legal claim against anyone who has caused such an injury.  Even though many are protected and insured, most of them are not given due compensation.

Injury claims don’t just cover the fees for the medication and hospitalization.  It also can cover far more, such as the inconvenience, the pain, suffering, and lost income of the injured.  It should also cover for the moral damages or degradation experienced by the injured party.  These things are not always indemnified by the insurance companies.  Most of the time, they would ask about receipts for disbursements.  But the problem is, the pain and suffering the person has suffered cannot just be computed and issued a receipt!  So what will happen now?

Though it is hard to gauge and measure the pain, as well as the suffering and inconvenience experienced by the injured party. A good Los Angeles dog bite attorney can help that person obtain just compensation and remunerations for the incident.  There are many ways to compute for the actual and demandable claim and the lawyer knows it.  For instance, a person who fell because of lack of safety measures provided by a construction company will certainly not be able to go to work until such time that he fully recovers.  So for the days that the worker wasn’t able to earn his daily wage, he can file for a claim to require the company to compensate him for his lost earnings.  It can be computed by multiplying the number of days he spends for recuperation to the wage he regularly earns.

Now, what happens if the injured party acquired incurable injury or permanent disability from the incident?  The claim for damages can be computed by multiplying his daily earnings to the number of days it is estimated that he can stay with the company.  So if the victim is very young and he has been permanently injured, the claim is larger.  Usually, it’s given in a lump sum.

The company or person who caused this mishap will do its best to deny the obligations.  But with the help of a credible Los Angeles dog bite lawyer, the injured party can have a bigger chance of getting the compensation he/she deserves to have.

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