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Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer
When you have been injured by a defective product or another party’s negligence, you need an attorney with a proven track record. Our Los Angeles injury attorney law firm is known for combining in-depth knowledge, experience, and aggressive tactics to help our clients get the settlement or award that they deserve. We have a deep understanding of California Injury Law and experience trying cases before Los Angeles juries. Our success rate is directly linked to this knowledge. The attorneys at Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm will work diligently to get you a fair settlement or verdict to ensure that you can cover outstanding medical bills and that you compensated for lost wages and pain and suffering. Most importantly, our Los Angeles attorneys focus on making the process as smooth as possible help get your life back to normal after your injury.

The attorneys at our Los Angeles Personal Injury law firm offer clients unrivaled service and dedicated representation. As soon as you walk through our door, you will know that we care about you and your case. We view our clients as people and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Your case will not be passed off to a secretary or a paralegal. From day one, you will work directly with our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and you will be in continuous contact with your attorney throughout your case. Our belief is that being an attorney is more than just a profession. Personal injury law cases is what we live and breathe and we work to apply it with authority. When you need us we will be here for you. We are passionate about protecting your rights.

Contingency Fee

We take injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that we collect no fees unless we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement for you. If you win, our fees are paid as a percentage of the award. If we don’t get you anything we do not get anything , so is in our best interests to work for your interest and to ensure you get the maximum payout. Litigation expenses may be paid from the client’s percentage of any recovery or as otherwise agreed between the client and attorney.

We will not push for a quick settlement, but will seek to obtain compensation for every loss you have suffered. We understand that every penny counts when you have been injured and are faced with outstanding medical bills and lost wages. That is why we work so hard to get our clients a fair settlement. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles always aim to gain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.

We work hard to get to the important facts of your case and to preserve valuable evidence from the beginning to ensure that you get a full and fair settlement or verdict. We work closely with experts to accurately determine the full impact of the injury on your life, including potential future medical expenses and future lost wages. If your case goes to trial, our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys will call in experts to explain the injury and the magnitude of your loss to the jury. We may also get the testimony of a financial expert to calculate possible future lost earnings.

Part of any settlement or verdict award for a personal injury claim will include the cost of medical treatment. The good news for you is that you claim for the actual cost of the medical services received not what you have personally paid. This means you can get more back than you paid out. Your medical insurance company will need to be compensated for the medical bills that they have paid for. Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys have experience negotiating with insurance companies and will enter into negotiations with the medical insurance companies over how much they are claiming. We will aim to get for you as much as possible for medical bills and this can be even more then you originally paid out. Also, insurance companies can often buy medical services at a reduced rate because they purchase in bulk. The value of the medical assistance you have been given may be greater than what you paid to the health care provider.

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